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   By now, you have read my wife’s story of our experience, and how we came to be unorthodox activists for animal rights.  If you haven’t read it, I recommend you do so.  Not only is it amusing, but it will fill you in on the necessary details of how we came to our campaign.  A wise man once said, your destiny does not always pick a convenient time to call on you.  That man was my Grandfather, and in 1939 he gave up his comfortable life as a butcher in Poland to harbor two Jewish families in the basement of his home during the Nazi invasion.  I believe he knew what he was talking about. 


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      “We have much to talk about and there

        isn’t a lot of time.”  -The Golden Calf-

I always secretly hoped my destiny would be as the world’s greatest Frank Sinatra cover artist.  I can really do it to numbers like “My Way” and “New York, New York”.  But, alas, my destiny has come in another form.  It isn’t easy to start a movement.  And the one we propose might shock you on first glance.  But look deeper, and open your mind.  Human kind is on a slippery slope right now.  Our treatment of our planet, of each other, and of other creatures is tenuous at best.  Some are really making great strides, but there is a lot of work to do.  You might say “George, I am so sick and tired of all this warm-fuzzy, granola-crunching, hippy-drippy liberal talk of saving the planet and the animals.  I can barely pay my mortgage!  What does it get me?”  I am not asking that we as humans frolic naked in a bed of daisies for the rest of eternity, although that would have its pleasures.  But, this has become everyone’s issue. And what it gets you is this: when you do something for another, you do it for yourself.  So, set aside your worries about your mortgage for just a moment.  Help with something greater.  And then, when you need it, I guarantee, help will be there for you.  


 What we cannot afford to accept any longer is denial.  What I implore you to do is wake up from the notion that if you don’t know about it, and you can’t see it, then it isn’t happening.  There are mega-industries out there profiting on your willingness to do this, and in return, endangering your health and the planet you call home. 

 There are a lot of issues to take up in the world right now.  Ours is not the only one.  But it is a much larger piece of the pie than you can imagine.  If you are buying meat these days, you are not only risking your health by ingesting disease and fear and torture into the very bio-energetic fiber of your body, but you are directly funding gross and mass murder.


There are over 6 billion humans on the planet.  Every year, nearly twice as many animals are brutally tortured and slaughtered in factory farms.  Every day, 27 million animals are slaughtered in the United States alone.  By the time you have read this far, over 100,000 were killed.  By next week, more unnecessary and painful torture will have been inflicted on animals than on all humans in all wars, ever.  Farmed animals are the most exploited and least protected group of animals on the planet. 


I grew up hunting and fishing, and I am not saying that the natural food chain needs to be stopped.  In fact, we are very compassionate toward meat eaters.  This is not an attack on the respectful hunter, or the traditional family farm, both of which are practically extinct.  This is an education in the cruelty humanity is sponsoring in the name of profit.


So read on if you are ready to become one of the brave who is willing to do a simple task: change the course of our world by simply seeing the truth. 


Farmed animals lead a life of misery from the moment they are born to the time they are slaughtered.  Every day, across the globe, billions of animals are mishandled, kept in confinement, mutilated and deprived of basic necessities like water and fresh air.  Most of this has occurred in just the past 50 years as corporate farms, or agribusiness, destroyed the family farm and local butcher shop in the cutthroat attitude of increasing profit at all costs.  

  "You are a part of the solution. You will
    figure out
how to help turn the tide."
    -The Golden Calf -


Most people believe that eating eggs and cheese and drinking milk does not kill animals.  Well, the dairy industry not only brutally kills animals, but the animals that are kept alive to produce dairy products are kept in such deplorable conditions, that it is a torture worse than death.  That means all the pain, misery, fear and disease that comes from this life goes right into what you consume.  The second a cow or a chicken can no longer produce an egg or another drop of milk (usually in 1-5 years) they are slaughtered. 

On a typical egg farm, 5-6 hens live in a cage with a floor area the size of a file drawer. The wire floors of these cages deform their feet, often causing the feet to grow around the wire. They cannot stretch their wings or move; they never see the light of day; and they are covered by excrement from the cages above, as many cages are often stacked one on top of another. Disease, such as E-coli, is rampant among chickens.  It was not very many years ago that we would not have accepted disease in our food.  Now, we are basically taught to expect meat to be tainted, and compensate that by certain cooking procedures.  And, because reducing meat and dairy production would mean a loss of profit, animals are instead loaded with cheap antibiotics to try to control rampant disease, which gets passed on directly to you when you eat. 

The beaks of young chicks are sliced off with no anesthesia or wound care, causing deformity and disease.  And you eat the eggs these chickens produce, even if the label says “free range”. Hatcheries have no use for male chicks, so they are killed by suffocation, decapitation, gassing, or crushing.  Often, in a given day, on assembly lines, thousands of male chicks are thrown, alive, into enormous blenders and ground into food to feed the chickens.  In virtually every segment of factory farming, animals are fed parts of their own diseased species.  And again, you eat it.  This is why this movement is not just for the animals, it is for you.  We know the effects of tobacco and drugs, but no one is telling you where your worst danger lies: in the meat and dairy you eat.

As with any mammal, dairy cows produce milk only when pregnant and stop after their calves have been weaned. When a dairy cow delivers a female calf, the calf becomes a dairy cow herself, born to live in the same conditions as her mother. Studies have shown that cows have one of the strongest maternal instincts of any animal, along with whales, elephants and humans.  The calves are torn from the mother the day they are born, and the cow is immediately re-impregnated through hormones so that they will continue to produce milk.  Dairy cows in factory farms produce more milk in a month than they are naturally designed to produce in a lifetime.  Often this leads to disease and puss-filled abscesses on the utters.  But, conveniently, the FDA allows a nominal amount of this matter to enter the milk you drink.  When a dairy cow delivers a male calf, the calf is sold to a veal farm within days of birth, where he is tethered to a stall, deprived of food and exercise, and soon slaughtered for meat. Life is only a few years longer for the mother. Because it is unprofitable to keep cows alive once their milk production declines, dairy cows are usually slaughtered at 5 years of age. Thus, a cow's normal life span of 25 years is cut 20 years short just to cut costs and maximize production.

How it Effects You

The meat, poultry, dairy and egg industries employ technological short cuts— as drugs, hormones, and other chemicals — to maximize production. Under these conditions, virulent pathogens that are resistant to antibiotics are emerging. These new ‘supergerms,’ whose evolution is traceable directly to the overuse of antibiotics in factory farming, have the potential to cause yet unknown human suffering and deaths.

Peculiar new diseases have been amplified by aberrant agribusiness practices. For example, "Mad Cow Disease" (bovine spongiform encephalopathy or BSE), a fatal dementia affecting cattle, spread throughout Britain when dead cows were fed to living cows. When people ate cows with "Mad Cow Disease," they got Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD), a fatal dementia that afflicts humans.

Another farm animal disease beginning to jeopardize human health is avian influenza. In Hong Kong, where scores of people have died from the so-called "bird- flu," over one million chickens have been destroyed in the panic to stop the spread of the disease.

Millions of Americans are infected, and thousands die every year from contaminated animal ‘food’ products. Despite repeated warnings from consumer advocates, the USDA's meat inspection system remains grossly inadequate, and consumers are now being told to "expect" animal products to be tainted.

Meanwhile, the agribusiness industry, rather than advising consumers to curtail their intake of animal products, has devised extreme measures (overcooking, antibiotics, etc.) to help consumers circumvent the hazards of animal products and maintain their gross over-consumption of meat and dairy.

 How it Effects the Environment 

Today's factory farms leave behind an environmental toll that generations to come will be forced to pay. According to a 2006 UN-sponsored report titled "Livestock's Long Shadow," factory farming plays a major role in every aspect of environmental collapse, from ozone depletion to ocean dead zones.

Industrial agriculture creates more pollution than all forms of transportation (cars, planes, trains etc.) combined.  The gases produced by the waste, chemicals and animals on factory farms (predominantly methane) is 23 times more damaging to the environment and human health than carbon monoxide created by cars.

Farm animals produce over a billion tons of waste each year.  This mix of feces, urine, vomit and dead body parts is extra toxic because of the high levels of hormones and pesticides that now enter the feed of the animals we eat.  This untreated toxic waste is stored in vast 25-million-gallon lagoons, and is the leading cause of soil and groundwater contamination in the world.  These farms are not subject to industrial emissions standards required by the Department of Environmental Conservation and Environmental Protection Agency.

 Planting, fertilizing, irrigating and harvesting feed crops, continually pumping water and sewage, running packing plants and slaughterhouses, (which kill 250 cows an hour), all rely on heavy machinery and fossil fuel consumption.  The Emissions from just running these farms, combined with the toxic waste and bacteria spread by the dust and fumes from farms is an almost inconceivable assault on mankind.

Thirty percent of the earth's land is now occupied by livestock, and another 33 percent is devoted to growing crops to feed the livestock. This essentially means that most of the land in the world is consumed by this industry.  It takes many acres and over 9,000 gallons of water to produce one pound of beef.  This means a single person can save more water by simply not eating a pound of beef than they could by not showering for an entire year.  Because of the rapid rate of land being destroyed to make room to grow crops to feed the animals, not people, we are experiencing the extinction of species at a rate 500 times of that we ought to be experiencing.

Factory farming is responsible for 37 percent of pesticide contamination, 50 percent of antibiotic contamination and one-third of the nitrogen and phosphorus loads found in freshwater.  The majority of the earth's water is now used to support animal agriculture, and much of it cannot be reclaimed.

The average American consumes more than 200 pounds of meat per year.  That means the average American funds the waste of over 600 acres of land and over 1.8 million gallons of water each year.  This is completely unsustainable.  For a miniscule fraction of this water and land, we could grow enough fruits and vegetables to feed every man, woman and child on planet Earth every day for the rest of their lives.

Despite these horrifying statistics, global production of meat and milk is projected to double in the next 10 years.  And this information only scratches the surface.  If you are thinking “this is astounding and almost unbelievable”, then I encourage you to dig a little deeper into the facts, and you will surely be aghast.

If each person chose to not eat meat just one day a week, they would save countless animal lives, acres of land and gallons of water.  The human appetite for eating meat has grown out of control, and it is the consumer demand and willingness that aids this industries’ practices.  But, as I mentioned before, we are compassionate toward meat eaters.  We know that change is a slow moving cart, and so, in acknowledging this appetite, we propose a radical, but sensible, solution.  This solution, if enacted into law and utilized by the average American, would literally save our planet. 

What we propose

By now you are armed with an arsenal of facts and anecdotes which prove the magnitude and horror of the problem created by eating animals and their products.  But, one thing we have not touched on is the more spiritual aspect of this.  It is simple: the animals we eat live and die in terror, pain and suffering.  This is indisputable.  Even if you try and hush away this fact by arguing that animals are less sentient than humans, you cannot deny they are living creatures. The hideous existence led by these animals effects the meat that you, in the end, eat.  You literally ingest all that fear, terror and suffering into your body, and this creates disease, depression and an attachment to what is destroying our world and humanity.  But, as I have said, we are compassionate toward meat eaters.  So, the only solution we see if we are to keep up our appetite for flesh is this:

Legalize the use of carcasses from animals euthanized in municipal shelters and other sanctuaries around the world for consumption as meat.

Yes, you heard us correctly.  And, yes, I know you are shocked.  But think of it this way: in many countries in the world, the animals we call friend (dogs, cats etc.) are already used for food.  In many of these same countries, the animals we eat, such as cows, are sacred, like our dogs and cats are to us, and would never be eaten.  It was barely 50 years ago that many people in America were eating whatever animals lived in their natural environments, including squirrels, cats and even rats.  So eat your meat.  You don’t have to change that.  But agree to a solution that would save our planet, and fill you with meat that had no contaminants and no residue of pain, fear and terror. 

Animals euthanized in shelters and sanctuaries die peacefully.  We consider it sad, but I ask you to reconsider these deaths.  Usually, these animals are living in a state of comfort and gratitude when they are put down.  They are filled with the sense of being cared for and assisted right up until their last days.  Their meat is therefore tender, fresh and full of nothing but positive energetic residue.  This also creates a compassionate food chain for the 21st century.  The domestic animal population is out of control at an unsustainable level.  The millions of animals euthanized each year is not a number that will change.  A body is just a body, once the soul has left it.  And if you think that is callous or far fetched, then ask yourself how you justify eating a pig, chicken or cow?  So, now that we agree, would you rather not eat the meat of an animal that is clean and who’s soul left this planet in gentility, compassion and peace?  Their deaths would not be in vain, a valuable food source would no longer be wasted, you could still eat meat and the planet and it’s creatures would be saved.

So, let me state again.  We propose that the United States of America, by a law enacted by our congress, legalize and regulate the use of carcasses from domestic animals euthanized in municipal shelters and sanctuaries for human consumption.  We propose that regulatory bodies be put in place.  We insist that, in the enacting of this law, it be made clear that domestic animals shall not be harvested for meat.  We do not wish to create a new industry.  It shall remain strictly illegal to produce dogs, cats or any other animal for slaughter, and it will also remain strictly illegal for any American to slaughter a domestic animal for consumption.  Only those animals euthanized by a licensed professional for reasonable purposes of population control in a compassionate and dignified manner would be considered usable as a food product. 

Here is an extraction from an article on euthanasia by Veterinarian Janet Tobiassen Crosby, DVM from

The euthanasia drug itself is an overdose of a barbiturate that stops the heart and breathing muscles. This is administered through an IV catheter or with a needle and syringe.  In most circumstances, you will notice nothing except a peaceful release of tension, as in 'going to sleep'.

I can’t think of a death more peaceful and humane, especially compared to the over 10 billion deplorable and cruel animal deaths we sponsor each year.  Death is not the worst occurrence in the world.  It is but a transition.  However, how an entity dies and in what conditions is important.

We project onto certain animals a sense that they are our best friends and revered entities.  Why do we not project this on all animals?  How can we condone the torture you now know exists on a massive scale, but huddle close to a couple species?    The animals in shelters and sanctuaries  die peacefully and cared for.  Yet, to us, this is sad and unjust.  The current situation with factory farming is unarguably a toll on our planet and on our spiritual lives.  If we begin to reverse the holocaust occurring on this planet, and become more aligned with a healthy and respectful relationship to death and our food chain, we will save our world, and the souls that spend time on it, including our own. 

Thank you for your time.

George Broccolich

Co-Founder, HHAMPER (Humans for Healthy Animal Meat Products Eaten Responsibly)

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